Kitset – Wheelie Bin

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Tiny Hands Playballs – 100mm x4
Jazz Playballs 150mm x4
Rainbow Balls 220mm x4
Ribbed Rubber Ball – 60mm x4
Tennis Balls x10
9” Avaro Hand Pump x1
Rugby PVC Trainer Balls x2
Soccer PVC Trainer Balls x2
Netball PVC Trainer Balls x2
Volleyball PVC Trainer Balls x2
Elastics x2
Velcro Catch-ball Set x1
Hi Lo Scoop Set (2 scoops & 1 whiffle ball) x1 set
Jumping Sacks x4
Skipping Ropes x4
Flying Discs x4
Hula Hoop 50cm x6
Marker Cones 5cm x10
Wheelie Bin x1

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