Trainer Javelin – 800gm

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  • High quality training javelin at an affordable price. Its dimensions are in the style of an actual competition javelin, but this javelin does not necessarily apply to IAAF rules
  • It is a very high durability javelin with a soft shaft designed for lots of throws without causing overstress to arm, shoulder or elbow
  • Its flying qualities are very good and – important – balanced in a way that allows the javelin to be used by beginners as well as competitive athletes
  • The javelin is made of a durable aluminium shaft with a steel head.
Javelin (Grams) 400gm 500gm 600gm 700gm 800gm
Mens U15yrs U15yrs 16-17yrs 18+yrs
Womens U15yrs 16-17yrs 18+yrs
Mens Masters 70-79yrs 60-69yrs 50-59yrs 35-49yrs
Womens Masters 60+yrs 50-59yrs 35-49yrs

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