R-Line Electrolyte Drink Concentrate Single Bottle – Blueberry

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Elevate Your Team’s Performance with R-Line Electrolyte Drink Concentrate

Designed with teams, schools, and clubs in mind, R-Line Electrolyte Drink Concentrate is your secret weapon for peak performance. Proudly made in New Zealand, this exceptional sports drink concentrate is specifically formulated to fuel your entire team during demanding challenges, ensuring rapid hydration and enabling everyone to push further, faster, and for longer periods.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential:

R-Line Electrolyte Drink Concentrate provides the ideal combination of electrolytes and carbohydrates, meticulously calibrated to optimize the performance of your entire team. With each one-litre concentrated bottle, you can prepare a refreshing 10 litres of invigorating electrolyte drink, providing sustained energy and revitalisation for every member. Perfect for tournament weeks and long season campaigns.


A Flavour for Every Palate:

Indulge in the wide range of delicious flavours available: apple, lemon and lime, blueberry, raspberry, guava, feijoa, pear, and passionfruit. Cater to the diverse taste preferences of your team, allowing them to choose their preferred flavour by specifying it in the order notes field. With R-Line, you can provide a hydration solution that not only fuels their performance but also adds a burst of flavour to their training sessions or matches.


Crafted for Team Satisfaction:

R-Line understands the unique nutrition needs of teams. Our electrolyte drink concentrate is intentionally formulated to provide a perfect balance of sweetness, ensuring a refreshing experience without overwhelming the palate. We’ve carefully crafted a carbohydrate mix that expertly refuels the bodies of your team members while remaining gentle on their stomachs. Fuel their performance as a cohesive unit, without compromising their individual comfort.


A Taste That Sets Us Apart:

Gone are the days of settling for messy and lacklustre powdered electrolyte drinks. R-Line takes pride in using only natural essences and producing in small batches, guaranteeing a fresh and fruity taste that revitalises your team’s senses. Embrace a rehydration drink that not only replenishes their bodies but also leaves them energized and ready to dominate the game.


Join the R-Line Revolution:

Manufactured in New Zealand, R-Line prioritises quality and freshness to deliver a sports drink concentrate that teams, schools, and clubs can rely on. Say goodbye to subpar hydration options and experience a new standard of excellence. With R-Line Electrolyte Drink Concentrate, your team will be equipped to Rehydrate, Refuel, and Rebound—a true game-changer for collective endurance and performance.


Note: For optimal results, follow the recommended dilution ratio to ensure the perfect balance of electrolytes and flavour. During the ordering process, please specify you preferred flavours in the order notes field to personalize their hydration experience. Also let us know if you prefer colour free. Empower your team with the ultimate endurance hydration solution from R-Line.

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