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Exclusive Garage Sale


To our 1st annual Aims Games "Garage Sale"

9th – 13th September
Mon-Fri  – 8am-5pm.

Come in & see our pop-up shop
for never to be seen again deals!

Travelled with no more luggage space?!
Don’t worry we can send it directly to you.  Who knows, it may even beat you home!

Not available online, In-store only.

$5 - $30

Clearance Apparel

See our clearance clothing, priced to move out the door.
100’s of items that must go! 1st in 1st serve!.

*Sizing, Colours & Styles may vary.

$7 - $80

Clearance Cricket

Cricket gear from Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls & GM
Bats, Battting Pads, Gloves
Wicket Keeping Pads & Gloves

*Sizing, Colours & Styles may vary.

$1 - $19.95

Clearance Fitness

Boxing, Fitness, Dumbells, Weight lifting aides.
Only while stocks last!

*Sizing, Colours & Styles may vary.

$1 - $34.95

Clearance Playground

Netball & Basketball Hoops, Playground Toys, Sports Balls & More!

*Sizing, Colours & Styles may vary.