Jnr Foam Cricket Bat/Ball Set

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Soft Sponge Foam Bat perfect for home and recreational use.

Bat 61cm

Foam Ball – 9cm

Assorted Colour

BAT: The ideal length for a bat is the inside measurement of the batsman’s trousers. Children over the age of seven fare best with bats that weigh no more than a kilogram.

TIP: Lift the bat in the non-dominant hand (i.e.: The left hand if right-handed), and to hold it out horizontally with the shoulder for one minute. If he can do this without strain or difficulty, the weight is correct.

Bat Size Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Harrow
Appox Age  Under 8yrs  9-11yrs 10-12yrs 11-13yrs 12-14yrs

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