GM Mana 202

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“Gunn & Moore was founded in 1885 by English Test batsman William Gunn and local businessman Thomas James Moore. Their quality is acknowledged as the best in the World but with over 125 years of craft experience, they know they can always improve. Recognised as one of the world’s leading cricket brands, Gunn and Moore cricket products are made at their industry-leading Nottingham-based factory and utilise specialist DXM technology, which has implemented the findings of a five-year research programme. Buy GM cricket products today for true British manufacturing excellence – and start reaping the rewards at the crease. CU”

Grade 1 Kashmir Willow

Ready to play’ – Covered for immediate use and durability

ToeTekTM protection reduces toe damage and increases

resistance to damp Treble spring handle

Dynamic grip “

BAT: The ideal length for a bat is the inside measurement of the batsman’s trousers. Children over the age of seven fare best with bats that weigh no more than a kilogram.

TIP: Lift the bat in the non-dominant hand (i.e.: The left hand if right-handed), and to hold it out horizontally with the shoulder for one minute. If he can do this without strain or difficulty, the weight is correct.

Bat Size Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Harrow
Appox Age  Under 8yrs  9-11yrs 10-12yrs 11-13yrs 12-14yrs

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