Spalding NBA Lebron - Size 7


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  • Durable all surface material

  • Designed for outdoor recreational play

  • Official size and weight

  • For ages 12 years and older

  • NBA team ball graphics



You can enjoy the same high quality you are used to when you buy a Spalding, with added toughness and durability.
Official size and weight as professional NBA basketballs.  Can be used for both indoors and outdoors.  High quality rubber material used.

Durable design:
The basketball is made using proprietary Spalding technology. The outer surface is made of molded rubber while the bladder is butyl, designed for minimal skidding. The ball is therefore very strong and long lasting, making it good to use either indoors or outdoors and is ideal for use for players aged 12 on upward. It's designed as a unisex basketball and is suitable for both genders.

Slick look:
The logo printed on the surface make it a collector's item for all Spalding as well as team fans and is made according to the professional NBA basketball specifications and dimensions, so you'll look and feel like a professional during a game.

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